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If you’re looking for the absolute best ozone generator under $500, this is it. Ideal for personal use in your home or vehicle to remove common organic odors permanently. Covers up to 3000sqft. High-intensity shock treatment up to 1000sqft.


Built with an indestructible transformer, our ozone generators are guaranteed to be serviceable for at least 10 years no matter how often or rough you use them. Unlike ordinary cheap ozone machines, our ozone blasters contain no unnecessary parts or weak gimmicky features. Fast powerful ozone treatments. Easy to use and maintain with no experience required.  Lifetime trade-in & upgrade credit. Over twenty thousand built & sold since 2008 with 99.3% CSI rating. Made in Cleveland, Ohio and shipped fast, free, direct. The Original Ozone Blaster!


  • MODEL YEAR: 2024 (18th year)
    DIMENSIONS: 15" x 5" x 5" x 11 lbs
    OZONE OUTPUT: < 10,000mghr
    SHOCK TREATMENT: < 1000sqft
    OZONE COVERAGE: < 3000sqft
    TRANSFORMER: 4000V 10-year
    PLATES: 5-plate generator pack
    ELECTRICAL: 110V 120W 1AMP
    FAN: 110CFM with pre-filter

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