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Original developers of the Ozone "Blaster". Maximum-strength, no nonsense ozone generators. Family business since 2006. Direct support based on thousands of real world ozone treatments. All new website for 2022.


MaxBlaster ozone generators started in Avon Lake, Ohio in 2006 with unique perspective: build maximum strength ozone generators with the best components and no unnecessary features, dials, or flashy boxes. At the time, the only ozone machines you could buy were overpriced and underwhelming. So Tom (dad) developed the MaxBlaster and Greg (son) sold them online. The response was instant, and incredible. We have gone on to sell thousands of our ozone blaster machines while maintaining excellent customer feedback and our original family business values. In 2017 new partners Bob & Kristie improved our manufacturing capacity, shipping speed, and production quality. We all share the same vision and commitment to doing things right. The term "ozone blaster" is now widely copied, and imitated by numerous sellers. But don't be fooled - there's a big difference between our original MaxBlaster and all the new ozone generator resellers.


We believe customers want good, old-fashioned customer service. Not automated, generic responses. When you contact us you'll speak directly with our owner(s) Greg, Bob, or Kristie. We provide honest advice based on over fifteen years in the ozone industry and thousands of real world ozone treatments. Even if we don't have what you're looking for, we'll point you in the right direction. The ozone industry can be very confusing to the average person. But it's actually not that hard or complicated. Contact us directly and we'll share everything we know.

 NEW WEBSITE (2022) 

We had great success with our old-fashioned website from 2008-2022. In fact, we didn't want to change it. You could tell by looking at it that we've been in business for a long time. People trusted it. And it worked. But times are changing and now Google demands our site be more mobile-friendly, and secure. So welcome to our new website! It will never be a finished product because we'll be working on it all the time - adding features, pages, and content. We hope it allows us to serve you better, and to continue to grow in today's modern economy. Let us know your thoughts. Your feedback is appreciated.


We would like to acknowledge the following people for their special contributions to our success over the years: Andy (manufacturing), Ed (manufacturing), Alex (development), Debbie (supplier), Eric (supplier), Bud (supplier), Prateek (supplier), Gary (manufacturing), Randy (supplier), Martin (supplier), Mike W (support), Joanne (mom/support). Thank you!

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