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Ozone Machines Banned in California: How to Buy Legally

Updated: Nov 8, 2023


First the bad news: our company was fined $29,000 (ouch!) by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for selling our ozone machines to regular citizens in California. According to CARB, our ozone generators create too much ozone for personal use and are only permitted for certain industrial uses.

Now the good news: As a result of working with CARB we've learned how to be in compliance. And we are now set up to provide certain industrial businesses in California with a secure method to purchase commercial ozone generators.

This article will explain CARB's rules & regulations and how you can buy our ozone machines if you operate an "industrial use" business in California.

California Ozone Machine Regulations


In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about the ozone generator ban in California and how companies that qualify for an "industrial use exception" can legally purchase high-performance ozone machines for odor, mold, smoke, and fire/flood damage remediation.

Understanding Ozone Generators:

Ozone (O₃) is a natural and highly reactive gas composed of three oxygen atoms. It is generated by passing oxygen molecules (O₂) through an corona discharge electrical field. Ozone is known for its strong oxidizing properties, making it an effective agent for eliminating various contaminants. Commercial ozone generators work by filling spaces with high-concentrations of ozone gas to treat volotile organic compounds including odors, mold, smoke, fire & flood damage.

How Ozone Generators Work

Understanding California Regulations:

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has banned the sale of high-output ozone generators to California unless the buyer qualifies for what is known as an "industrial use exception". This means the buyer must meet certain qualifications as an industrial business before the manufacturer can legally sell/ship ozone machines (that produce over 0.05ppm ozone concentration) to California. CARB actively seeks out manufacturers (like us) and uses various measures (including fines) to gain compliance.

California Air Resources Board: Ozone Generators

Industrial Use Exceptions:

The industrial uses for which ozone generators can be sold to California include the following applications. Click on the arrow next to each industrial use listed below to read more information:

Damage Remediation Services

mold, odor, fire and smoke damage remediation services, carried out by trained personnel, and provided no people are physically present

Hotel Odor Control

Vehicle Reconditioning Industry

Produce Microbe Destruction

Chemical Oxidation Disinfection

Mausoleum Odor Control

Additional Rules & Regulations:

There are some additional rules to follow including how to use ozone machines, how to go about the purchase process, and how the devices must be labeled. Click on the arrow next to each rule to read more information:

Ozone Machine Buying Process

The buyer must apply for an industrial use exception by submitting their business information to the seller. The seller must confirm the legitimacy of the buyers information. After approval, the buyer must order by telephone only. No online website orders.

Ozone Machine Operation Rules

Ozone Machine Labeling Rules

Ozone machines are only for industrial use in unoccupied spaces


For industrial use applications, I recommend our PRO or PRO-G ozone generator machines. Commercial companies often buy multiple ozone machines to greatly speed up the treatment process and deliver faster, stronger, more evenly distributed ozone gas. Visit our shop for more information on each product and make sure to check out the quantity packs for volume pricing. When ready to purchase, start by clicking the link on this page to 'apply for industrial purchase'.

Shop ozone generators for sale in California


The California Air Resources Board actively enforces their rules & regulations pertaining to high-ouput ozone generators. We learned this the hard way. Even though our ozone machines are used primarily by industrial businesses, we didn't prevent regular home owners from buying them too. CARB encouraged us to accept their "friendly" offer of a $29,000 fine versus fighting it and facing penalties a hundred times worse.

The good news is that at least now we're in compliance with CARB's rules & regulations and set up to provide businesses that qualify for an industrial use exception with a secure method to buy ozone generators in California.

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Greg M Developer | VP of Sales MaxBlaster Ozone Generators

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