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How to Treat Vehicles with MaxBlaster Ozone Generators


For over fifteen years I've helped thousands of car detailers and dealerships use our MaxBlaster ozone generators to eliminate odors and treat mold in cars, trucks, and RV's. In fact, prior to co-founding MaxBlaster USA, I spent several years in the auto industry (sales) for one of the most successful Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the country. So I have a special place in my heart for detailers & dealerships and I enjoy working with anyone who wants to learn how to use ozone generators in vehicles like an expert. In this article I will explain some of the basics of treating vehicles with ozone. And I'll explain the benefits of our Pro Detailer Package. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

Pro Car Detailer Package:

To cut to the chase, take a look at the video I made explaining how to set up our Pro Car Detailer Package. This package contains everything you need to treat vehicles properly. Not mentioned in the video are the spare parts and accessories that we include to help ensure several years of unlimited treatments with no down-time or further service expenses. I'll share the full contents of our Pro Car Detailer Package in the shop link at the bottom of the article.

How Does It Work?

MaxBlaster ozone generators produce extremely high levels of ozone gas using a process known as corona discharge. Ozone, composed of three oxygen atoms (O3), is a powerful oxidizing agent that reacts with pollutants, eliminating them and neutralizing odors in the process. The overall goal is flood the treatment area with an overabundance of ozone gas in what is known as "shock" ozone treatment. The result is a totally neutral environment. No chemicals and no residue. Ozone generators do not mask odors and toxins. Rather they eliminate odors permanently at the molecular level.

The Old School Method of Treating Vehicles:

The traditional "old school" method of placing an ozone generator inside the vehicle works well if you are treating your own car, truck, or RV. Make sure the vehicle is completely dry, open all the compartments, roll the windows down about half an inch, then turn the ozone machine on and let it run according to the odor degree (see our run time chart).

Filter Adapter for Old School Method Ozone Treatments:

We recently added a Pro Filter Adapter to our shop. If you plan on using the traditional method of placing the ozone machine inside the vehicle, I strongly encourage you to use the pro filter adapter to help clean the air that the ozone generator is breathing prior to it entering the machine. Using the pro filter adapter may greatly improve overall results while minimizing long-term service rates for pro detailers and dealerships that do a high-volume of treatments.

The New School Method of Treating Vehicles:

The professional "new school" method of running a ozone generator from outside the vehicle and funneling the O3 gas through a hose in the window has one main advantage: it allows the machine to breathe cleaner air and keeps the components free of grime. It is ideal for car detailers, high-volume treatments, and long term efficiency. Note - the picture below shows an older version of our hose adapter. We now use a vinyl hose and a much improved adapter. See the product links at the bottom of this page for our most current pro hose adapter. The image below is only intended to give you a general idea of the hose adapter concept.

Product Recommendations:

MaxBlaster PRO Ozone Generator $649

Our PRO Edition ozone generator is the best overall machine for car detailers and dealerships. It is the best combination of ozone strength and long-term durability. Our RES Edition machine works great if you are treating your own vehicle on an occasional basis. But the PRO Edition definitely steps up the ozone power, speeds up the treatment times, and is absolutely worth the investment for commercial treatment providers. Our PRO-G Edition Edition is our strongest machine, but it's a little overkill (in my opinion) and too high-maintenance for use outdoors and/or by careless employees.

MaxBlaster PRO + Hose Adapter Package $695

Our PRO Edition ozone generator and hose adapter package is ideal for professional detailers & dealerships that want to use the "new school" method of treating vehicles.

MaxBlaster PRO Car Detailer Package $995

Our MaxBlaster PRO Car Detailer Package is ideal for professional auto detailers & dealerships that not only want the best possible set-up for treating vehicles, but also the spare parts and accessories that we know you'll probably need over the next several years. It includes a spare plate pack that will allow you to self-service your machine on the spot and avoid any potential down-time. The stand makes it easy to place the machine immediately outside the window instead of stretching the hose too far (which can lead to inefficiency).

PRO Filter (HEPA) Adapter $75:

NEW! We recently added the pro filter adapter to our shop. Whether you are using the old school method of placing the machine inside the vehicle, or using the new school method of running the machine from outside the window, we believe the pro filter adapter will greatly improve the quality of air that the machine is breathing, and yield higher-quality results and less long term service.

What types of odors does it kill? Any organic odor can be removed with proper use of a high-output ozone generator. The most common application for ozone machines in vehicles is smoke odor removal. Other highly successful applications include water damage (mold) remediation, pet odor removal, food odor removal, cannabis odor removal, dead rodent odor removal, and toxin/virus/bacteria remediation.

Is ozone safe to use in vehicles? Thousands of car cleaning professionals use our ozone machines with zero instances of damage to vehicles. Follow the run time chart for best results. One simple rule is to not forget to turn the ozone machine off and allow it to run for days on end. Significant over-exposure to ozone may create a new scent that is difficult to eliminate. Also, be careful not to return a vehicle to a customer until it has been thoroughly aired out. Contact us for more information about safety before adding ozone machines to your business services.

How do you prepare the vehicle? The number one rule for treating vehicles is to make sure that the vehicle is completely dry prior to running the ozone machine. No damp/wet upholstery. You also want to make sure that the vehicle is completely empty of all contents. Remove all items from the center console, visors, glove box, rear seat pouches, trunk area, and leave everything open and exposed to the ozone gas. For extra protection against prolonged airing out times, cover up the seatbelts as nylon material is relatively susceptible to ozone gas.

What is the purpose of the hose adapter? The hose allows the ozone machine to remain outside the vehicle where it can breathe cleaner, fresher oxygen (O2) in order to convert into ozone (O3). It helps minimize service to the ozone machine over the long term. But you have to do it right - the only time you should use the hose is if you can get the ozone machine as close to the window as possible. Don't stretch the hose more than about 2' to avoid inefficiency.

What is the purpose of the filter adapter?

Adding the pro filter adapter greatly improves the quality of air that your ozone generator is breathing. This can make a big impact on the performance of the ozone treatments, and the long-term service rates on the ozone machine. The cleaner the air that your ozone machine breathes, the greater the results and long-term efficiency.

How long do you run the machine? To permanently kill odors with ozone (and not just mask the odors) you must flood the treatment area with a very high concentration of ozone gas for at least 30 minutes. Our PRO Edition ozone generator reaches these concentration levels inside a car in about 30 minutes. Therefore, basic/light odors may be removed in as little as 1 hour. Heavier and/or saturated odors may take several hours and/or multiple treatments. For best results, follow the run time chart (included with machine) and/or contact us for project advice.

Should you leave the A/C on or off? We recommend keeping the vehicle a/c off during the first 75% of the ozone treatment. This will allow the ozone to build up to the highest concentration level within the cabin without diluting it by running the air conditioner. Once you have reached peak ozone concentration inside the vehicle, turning the a/c on for the remaining 25% of the treatment will pull high levels of ozone into the vents, and may help to further deodorize the a/c system.

How do you air out the vehicle? Given the small treatment area size (compared to a house) it is very easy and fast to air out a vehicle after the ozone treatment. Simply open all the windows and doors, then maybe drive the vehicle around the block for a few minutes. Or you can leave the vehicle shut, and simply wait for the ozone to go away on it's own. A conservative estimate is to allow 2 hours for every 1 hour that you ran the ozone machine for the O3 gas to dissipate naturally. Allowing the ozone to naturally dissipate provides additional cleaning benefits.

What to do after the ozone session? During the treatment, high concentrations of ozone gas has an unpleasant scent. But once the ozone has been aired out, the goal is to smell nothing (neutral air). No fragrances or odor masking. However, sometimes ozone will react with other materials inside the vehicle during the treatment and settle (invisibly) on the upholstery, floor, and dashboard. We recommend vacuuming and wiping everything down after the ozone session. The combination of high-intensity ozone followed by a thorough interior detailing provides the best results.

Can I just use a cheap ozone machine? You can buy a cheap ozone machine on Amazon that might work for a couple of treatments. But the components are weak, fragile, and prone to short lifespan. Our MaxBlaster ozone generators are made with industrial components intended for frequent use in harsh conditions. Our ozone machines are guaranteed to be serviceable for at least 10 years. They work faster than ordinary ozone machines, and we are always on hand to provide support.

Where can I find more information? Visit the info center page for instructions, videos, policies and more. Visit the comparisons page to learn the difference between our MaxBlaster ozone generators and other ordinary ozone machines. Contact us for advice including: how much to charge your customers, how to promote your services accurately, and how to start a mobile ozone treatment business.

Are there any special deals available? Contact us by phone or email and mention "special deals for detailers" and we will provide you with a special discount promo code. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing multiple ozone machines for more than one location - quantity discounts are available.


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