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maxblaster ozone machines

Fastest Most Powerful Ozone Treatments For Odor Removal &
Mold Remediation. Guaranteed

MaxBlaster ozone generators produce extremely high levels of ozone gas fast to reach the necessary concentrations that it takes to truly neutralize odors and mold at the source. Permanent results. Not just odor masking. And unlike cheap ozone machines made with weak unreliable components, the transformer in our machines lasts over ten years. Ideal for commercial business use in harsh conditions. Contact us and speak directly with our owners to learn how to use ozone like a pro for your application.

Kill Odors Permanently
Neutralize Mold Damage
Treat Homes & Properties
Deodorize Cars & Trucks
Disinfect Rooms & Items

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Shock Ozone Treatments completely neutralize organic odors (and more) at the molecular level by filling properties, vehicles, and chambers with extremely high-concentrations of ozone (O3) gas. Fast, green, and residue-free. Some of the most common ozone treatments include smoke odor removal, mold remediation, fire & flood damage restoration, cooking odor removal, pet urine odor removal, crime scene cleanup, musty basements, hotels, property management, and cars.


Built For Severe Applications, Harsh Conditions, and Long-Term Lifespan

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MaxBlasters are made with the ozone industry's most advanced severe-application transformer. Combined with our own unique 100% pure dielectric plate pack. No cheap components, unnecessary parts or gimmicky features. Powerful. Fast. Guaranteed. Over twenty thousand ozone machines built & sold since 2006 with 99.3% CSI Rating. Ask us for pro advice!

maxblaster ozone generators
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