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Business Opportunity Ozone Treatments

Ozone Generators for Pro Treatment Service Providers: How to Make Money Using MaxBlaster Ozone Machines.


Since 2008 we've helped thousands of businesses use our MaxBlaster ozone generators to make money providing ozone services and products. Whether you are an individual looking to start an ozone treatment service or a big business looking to add ozone generators to your existing product line, we can show you exactly how to do it right. Contact us for custom recommendations based on your specific project need.

Start a Ozone Treatment Service

We can show you exactly how to provide professional ozone treatments. This includes explaining why to buy certain products, how much to charge your customers, which keywords to market your services, and how to avoid hassle by minimizing many of the common mistakes others make when starting a new ozone related business. Most importantly, we can show you how to provide true value to your customers.

Purchase at Wholesale Price

We work directly with you to help you make money with our MaxBlaster ozone generators in a variety of ways. This includes showing you how to sell our ozone machines, rent our ozone machines, and supply your multiple location service-based businesses with our commercial ozone machines. Thousands of businesses use our machines for profitability and we are happy to share everything we know about those who do it best. Contact us for a custom quote and recommendations how to maximize value and minimize hassle.

Custom Label Ozone Machines

We've helped several nationally recognized companies custom brand our ozone generators to meet their business needs. This option gives your ozone treatment service a unique identity. All we need is your logo and an extra week of production and we can fulfill any sized ozone machine order with your brand prominently displayed across our ozone machines.


We recommend our MaxBlaster PRO ozone generator quantity packs for businesses that will be transporting our machines to a variety of locations and handled by employees that might be a little less careful with the machines. We recommend our MaxBlaster PRO-G ozone generator quantity packs for those who are experienced at operating and maintaining high-performance equipment.


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